What is Infringement?

The buffalo “infringement” festival is a non-profit-driven, non-hierarchical grassroots endeavor bringing together a broad range of eclectic, independent, experimental, and controversial art of all forms. Visual, performing, musical, and media arts are all welcome here. Taking place in multiple venues in and around Buffalo’s Allentown District, the festival is an annual eleven-day event running from the last weekend of July through the first weekend of August. See the Infringement Festival International's mandate, and our 2006 Mission Statement, to learn more.


Who are we?

Direct Donations (2015)

This festival is run completely on unicorn wishes and happy sunshine rays! Just kidding! There are real dollars that have to go into this grassroots festival for things like equipment, technicians, and most importaintly the printed schedule. Here is a list of our Indie GoGo donors who helped make Infringement possible in 2015:

ravi padmanabha, Lisa M Cruz, David Rivers, isaiah37@gmail.com, Jonathan M Filbert, Kerry Rubinstein, Roger Paolini, Vanessa R Oswald, Wit Wichaidit, Lynette Seliger, Christina E Rausa, michael fanelli, Shea Akers, John R Hastings, Deborah Obarka, michele costa, Andrew Delmonte, mary c uebbing, Jenece C Gerber, Robin G Jansma, Dennis J Reed Jr, Janna Willoughby-Lohr, Jennifer Whitmore, curt rotterdam, James A. marzo, Laura Lonski, Richard R. Haynes, Dave Pape




This festival is big. Like really big. And it's the buisness of Buffalo that donate their space, time and money to the festival that allows us to keep going year after year. We would like to acknowledge the following for donating above and beyond to the festival:

The 2015 Buffalo Infringement Festival runs from Thursday, July 23, through Sunday, August 2.

See the schedule of shows by date:

Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
23 24 25
26 27 28 29 30 31  1

Or, complete lists of ...

Schedule changes

The following changes have occurred, since the publishing of the print schedule:

  • Electric Watermelon's July 24 performance has been moved to Picasso Moon.
  • Kothen's shows have been cancelled. He will be replaced by Jacob Peter at the Gypsy Parlor on July 24, and by Tim Henderson at The Alley Cat on July 25.
  • Sara Elizabeth's August 1 performance has been cancelled.